10 Misunderstandings of Heartworm Prevention (2)

Misunderstanding 6: If the pet is taking preventive drugs, the annual heartworm test can be omitted. 
In addition to the annual heartworm disease prevention program, AHS also recommends an annual test to ensure that the prevention program is effective. Although heartworm prevention products are very effective, there is nothing unexpected.

Some dogs will vomit preventive medication when the owner is not paying attention. Other dogs may also vomit pills or rub off topical medications.
Misunderstanding 7: Missing the heartworm preventive medicine once has no effect.
Heartworm disease is a threat that exists throughout the year. Heartworm prevention drugs have a retrospective effect. Therefore, dogs or cats infected in a certain month must be treated with heartworm disease prevention drugs in the following months before they can get treatment. protect.

Instead of guessing when the preventive medication can be stopped, we recommend that pets take heartworm prevention all year round.
Misunderstanding 8: Certain natural medicines are as effective as approved preventive medicines.
Mosquito repellents should be used in conjunction with preventive drugs, not in place of drugs.

Misunderstanding 9: Heartworm is a contagious disease.
Heartworm disease does not spread like the flu. In other words, pets will not contract heartworm disease directly from other animals.
Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes, and mosquitoes obtain heartworm larvae from other infected dogs, wolves or foxes. Then, infected mosquitoes bite dogs or cats and transmit immature larvae to them. If preventive measures are not taken, the larvae will mature and reproduce, causing damage to the cardiopulmonary system.

Misunderstanding 10: Preventing heartworms is expensive and inconvenient.
If the cost is calculated, the prevention of canine heartworm disease is definitely cheaper and more cost-effective than the treatment of canine heartworm disease.
The monthly prevention is not only cost-effective, but also provides a better quality of life for you and your pet.
Preventive health care is our best investment in pet health. Depending on the product selected, the prevention price is lower than a pizza per month. In contrast, the cost of treating canine heartworm disease may be 10 times the cost of prevention.

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