Cat Plague: Pay Attention to Every Detail

Animals are not machines, and many symptoms do not correspond one-to-one like in books. After an outbreak of CPV, it usually takes more than 2-3 days to show noticeable severe symptoms.

First Contact Day 1

The cat will not have any reaction, the virus enters the cat's lymphatic system through the mouth and nose.

Incubation Period Day 2-7

After cats are exposed to cat plague virus, the incubation period is about 2-7 days, during which the virus invades the bone marrow and intestinal tract. At this time, the cat looks normal, but it is spreading the virus. It is very likely that the cat plague test paper will show positive.

D1 of the Virus Outbreak

The cat appears to be in good condition, but has an average appetite, but has actually become ill.

D2 of the Virus Outbreak

Cats have worsening symptoms, poor appetite or no eating or drinking at all, and no longer licking their fur. Cats may often experience symptoms of vomiting.

D3 of the Virus Outbreak

Young cats with poor physique may die suddenly in the third to fourth days of cat plague, even without vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration. If the cat's physique is slightly stronger, it will have a high fever of about 40 degrees Celsius.

After 3 Days of the Virus Outbreak

The high fever may begin to drop and turn to a low fever or even a normal body temperature. The cat must have vomiting. When it is severe, it will begin to have watery or bloody foul-smelling stools, followed by dehydration and anemia.


How to do regular health tests for cats at home?

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  • Oscar

    It may be caused by the following reasons:
    1. It may be that the cat is in heat.
    2. Cats are grabbing land and fighting for territory.
    3. It may be caused by mental stress.
    4. The cat has had a bad experience in the litter box area.
    5. This litter box is really “unacceptable”.
    6. The cat wants to attract the attention of the owner.
    7. The cat has a physical problem.

  • Charlotte Boes

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    Rs old now . And my Daughter yelling at her for peeing on the carpet, well she did that when I didn’t want her to be along . My two cats didn’t like her .well they didn’t know her . The vet said to put her out doors, and I said no and my Daughter to she is reall Stacy don’t want to be healed very long, she wasn’t like that when she was 3 mos old ,

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