Cat Suddenly Peed in the House Casually! What is the Reason? What Should I Do?

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  1. It may be that the cat is in heat.

Cats will urinate casually when they are in heat. They urinate in various places, possibly because they want to leave a message to attract cats of the opposite sex.

  1. Cats are grabbing land and fighting for territory.

Cats are very territorially aware animals. In addition to scratching and rubbing to mark their territory, they also use urine to mark their territory. Because the cat's urine contains strong pheromone, other cats can judge whether the territory has a "owner" based on the smell, or when the owner of the territory will come, and respond accordingly.

If a new cat or other pet is raised in the house, or if the cat shares a litter box with other cats, this may cause the cat’s activity space to decrease. At this time, the cat will be more upset and angry, in order to express dissatisfaction and protest. In order to swear sovereignty to the newcomer, at this time the cat will make various marks at home.

  1. This may be caused by mental stress.

If the familiar environment suddenly changes, it will cause the cat's mental stress to increase. This is also the case with cats at this time. For example, moving, refurbishing the home, adding new furniture or re-arranging furniture at home, the above-mentioned family has a new pet, changed cat litter, or the owner has not returned home for a long time, and so on. All may make the cat have the idea of ​​re-dividing the territory.

  1. The cat has had a bad experience in the litter box area.

Cats are very sensitive animals. They need an environment where they can feel at ease when they urinate. They are most easily frightened when they go to the toilet. Some cats have had bad experiences or been frightened in the litter box area. Once there, cats may refuse to use the litter box at this time, and then they will find another place at home to solve it.

  1. This litter box is really "unacceptable".

Sometimes, the owner did not clean the litter box in time, causing the litter box to be too dirty and smelly. At this time, the cat may go to other places to reopen a "battlefield" to solve the problem. Then, some materials and textures of cat litter are not liked by cats. There is deodorant or other debris in the litter box, which may also cause this problem.

  1. Cat in order to attract the attention of the owner.

Sometimes the owner hasn't played with the cat for too long, or the cat is jealous to compete with the new pet, and attract the owner's attention, it will pee everywhere.

  1. The cat can't get out and can't solve it outside.

Some people’s cats are free-range, and their cats can freely enter and exit their homes. This kind of cats usually urinate at the border of their own territory. However, if the cat is trapped in the house and cannot get out for some reason, At this time, the cat may urinate randomly.

  1. The cat has a physical problem.

When cats have problems with urinary system diseases, they may urinate outside the litter box. They may want to tell their owners that they are sick. You can observe whether the cat has the following symptoms: hematuria, frequent urination, urgency, difficulty urinating, and difficulty urinating. If you suspect that your cat has a problem with the urinary system, it is best to take it to a veterinarian right away.

How to correct the cat's bad behavior of peeing everywhere?


If the cat is peeing everywhere in order to fight for territory, then first of all, we must clean the place where the cat often peeing, and remove the smell of the cat’s urine in time. You can use baking soda water. The effect is not bad. If possible, you can spray some odors that cats don't like, or spray some substances to reduce the cat's stress indoors. Then, corresponding measures can be taken for the possible causes of the cat, and pheromones and anti-anxiety drugs can also be considered, which can reduce the cat’s mental stress. 

We can also wash the cat’s litter box frequently, change the litter, and add bedding such as sand with good water absorption. Then, retrain the cat to use the litter box, put the litter box in a quiet and safe place where the cat can go to the toilet with confidence, and be careful not to place the litter box close to the cat’s food bowl, because no one likes to eat near the toilet . Some cats may not like this type of litter box. At this time, you can try several different types of litter box and choose the one that your cat likes.

If you want to change to a new cat litter, it is best to choose a new cat litter box, and then put the new cat litter here, and slowly train and observe for a period of time. Because, we can't guarantee that cats will like the new one from the beginning. If there are multiple cats in the house, make sure that each cat has its own litter box. Then, you can add one or two more as spares. Some cats are too sensitive to changes in the surrounding environment. If it is caused by this reason, it is recommended to maintain the consistency of the various things in the house as much as possible.

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