Causes of Pet Obesity

With the continuous improvement of people's living conditions, the nutritional conditions of pets have also been greatly improved. Most pets now play with their owners, with high nutritional conditions and lack of necessary exercise, which can easily lead to an imbalance between nutritional intake and consumption. Many pets suffer from obesity as a result.

  1. The main cause of pet obesity is excessive intake and lack of sufficient exercise consumption. In layman's terms, it is nutritional and metabolic disorders caused by overnutrition. Because the basal metabolism of older pets decreases, the older the pet, the higher the incidence.
  2. Eating leftovers, home-cooked food or fast food, etc., is more likely to gain weight than eating commercial food. Cats are less obese than dogs, because cats can adjust their food intake according to their body's energy needs, but delicious, tasty, and high-energy commercial foods can make cats more obese than before.
  3. In addition, some pathological changes can also make pets obese, such as diabetes, adrenal hyperfunction, hypothyroidism, etc. can make pets obese.
  4. Sterilization is also an important cause of obesity in dogs. For the neutered dog, he lost interest in many things. After the operation, the hormones in their bodies will change, which will affect their metabolism and cause the dog to gain weight.

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