Consequences of Calcium Deficiency of Dogs

If the puppies are insufficiently supplemented with calcium, their ribs may turn out, and the wrist joints and elbow joints of the forelimbs may be deformed. Small dogs are prone to "O"-shaped legs, and large and medium-sized dogs can cause severe deformation of the forelimbs.

After the dog enters adulthood, the dog fed with dog food does not need to supplement calcium alone. Because the growth and development of the dog's bones and other organs have basically stopped during this period, the demand for calcium is very small. If it is a sire dog and a pregnant or lactating female dog, a large amount of calcium still needs to be supplemented. If it cannot be supplemented in time, it will use the calcium in the body's calcium storehouse and cause osteoporosis. Postpartum and lactating female dogs will cause acute postpartum calcium deficiency due to low blood calcium concentration. The symptoms are twitching of the limbs, the whole body is straight, the body temperature can rise above 40 ℃, and even cause coma and death.

When large dogs enter old age after 8 years old, old dogs will reduce their calcium intake and increase their loss due to endocrine and other reasons. At this time, they should be fed elderly dog ​​food, or artificially supplement them with calcium, while maintaining a certain amount of exercise. Otherwise, it will cause osteoporosis and increase the incidence of bone spurs and fractures.

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