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Diet for High Total Cholesterol

by len king on Mar 26, 2024

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"Diet is a very important thing for all of us, especially for patients suffering from diseases, diet should be paid special attention to, according to their own constitution to carry out scientific and reasonable dietary arrangements, for the health of the body and the recovery of the disease are very important, Mulao total cholesterol patients should pay attention to what diet? Here are some tips for you.
Control the total calorie staple food 4 taels (female) 6 taels (male) per day,with whole wheat bread, oats, machine rice, potatoes, pumpkin is better, less snacks, do not eat fried food.
Reduce intake
Eat less animal fat, paying particular attention to hidden animal fats such as those found in sausages and ribs. Use 25 grams of cooking oil per person per day.
Eat fish 2 times a week. If possible, use olive oil or tea seed oil instead of other cooking oils.
Such as fatty meats, animal offal, butter, etc. Pay attention to invisible fats, such as sausages and ribs.
Avoid excessive intake of sugar, drinks and snacks
Pay attention to the calories of snacks, e.g. eating two extra handfuls of peanuts a day will add 1.3 pounds of fat in a week; eating 2 extra sunflower seeds is equivalent to eating 4 extra rice.
Avoid fast food, French fries, fried chicken, ice cream, hamburgers contain amazing calories
Eat more vegetables, coarse grains and fruits
Change cooking methods, eat more steamed, boiled and mixed, and avoid fried foods.
1. Eat a light diet, including low fat, low sugar and low salt. Low fat includes two points, one is not to eat fat meat, animal skin; the other is not to eat high cholesterol food, such as animal offal and scaly fish, including crab roe, shrimp brain, fish, squid and so on. Low sugar includes control of coming rice and high sugar foods, because too much carbohydrate intake, more than the body's consumption, the excess will be converted to triglycerides through a series of biochemical reactions. As less consumption after dinner, it is more necessary to control the main food. Low salt that is, strict control of tangible and intangible salt intake of the human body on the physiological demand for salt a day for about 5 grams and the average intake of the country greatly exceeded the standard. Hyperlipidemia patients in addition to dishes should eat light, but also need to avoid eating soy sauce melon, pine eggs, cured meat and other high-salt foods. General Chinese small size toothpaste cap a full cap for 1 gram, patients can control themselves.
2. Abstain from alcohol. Mainly quit white wine, white wine will disturb the body fat metabolism. Others, such as wine, yellow wine, moderate drinking has the effect of activating blood vessels, but remember not to be greedy alcoholism will increase blood lipids.
3. It is advisable to use the cooking methods of steaming, boiling, braising, blanching, simmering, stewing, without frying, deep-frying, baking, smoking cooking methods.
High total cholesterol must cause us enough attention, in addition to diet to pay extra attention to, exercise is also very necessary, appropriate physical exercise, can effectively reduce the total cholesterol, we can usually carry out some jogging, riding since the car, swimming and other sports projects, sports according to their own body's actual situation to carry out, gradual and orderly progress is the main."

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