Do Cats Need to Bathe Often?

Proper bathing is conducive to the growth of cats, but regular bathing will damage the cat’s skin and hair, and it is more likely to cause skin inflammation and other diseases.

Under normal circumstances, cats under three months of age cannot take a bath. The resistance of the kitten is poor, and it is easy to catch a cold or diarrhea after bathing.

Kittens over three months old should be washed once every three to four months. For cats with long and thick hair, we need to bathe them every two to three months for their health. If you have a plan to bathe your cat, it's best to let the cat start trying it earlier, so as to reduce their repulsion of water when they grow up.

When bathing your cat, be sure to choose a bath liquid specially designed for cats or a gentle bath liquid. Because most of the pet baths on the market are shared by cats and dogs, cats have more delicate and sensitive skin than dogs, so when choosing baths, shovel officials must be careful!

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