How Can a Portable Oxygen Concentrator Help You?

Stop Missing Out!

With a portable oxygen concentrator you can continue to live life the way you used to live! Stop missing out on all the stuff you loved doing before being diagnosed with oxygen.


No Longer Homebound

Stop letting those bulky and inconvenient oxygen tanks scare you! You can feel SAFE leaving your house again. With a portable oxygen concentrator you can leave your house knowing that you will have the oxygen to last all day! 


Be Independent Again!

Portable oxygen concentrators allow you to be independent again.
You no longer have to rely on oxygen refills, or someone to set you up with your oxygen. Our machines are easy to use once you receive them, and are all self maintainable. 


Smilecarehealth Oxygen Equipment will help patients with copd to relieve breathing troubles and enjoy free breathing.

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