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How Can I Silence It with One Click When Sleeping Snoring?

by len king on May 08, 2023

How Can I Silence It with One Click When Sleeping Snoring?

"Simple snoring" can be improved by adjusting the lifestyle, such as sleeping on the side, elevating the head of the bed, exercising to lose weight, quitting smoking and drinking, regular work and rest, and keeping the nasal passages open.
Sleep apnea syndrome OSAHS, on the other hand, can be treated in the following three ways:
1. Oral orthodontic appliances:
Oral orthoses are used to mechanically prop up the nasal cavity, push the front jaw, pull the tongue, and close the mouth with the help of external force to make the airway as stable and open as possible.
Of the many appliances available, the oral orthodontic appliance that allows the lower jaw to extend forward is the most recommended. It is much like braces and works for some people.
However, it is not comfortable to use, especially in the early stages, and it is easy to be bothered by drooling, dry mouth, jaw joint pain, and occasionally loose teeth.
2. Surgical treatment:
Many people think that surgery, like some other surgeries, directly removes the lesion, which is more in line with their understanding of relieving the cause of the disease. However, in reality, surgery does not currently provide a radical cure.
According to the "Multidisciplinary Guidelines for the Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Adults" issued by the Chinese Medical Doctor's Association Sleep Medicine Committee, the long-term efficiency of uvulopalatopharyngoplasty is 40% to 50%, and for adult patients with tonsillar hypertrophy of degree II or above, the short-term (1-6 months) efficiency of tonsillectomy alone is 85%, and the short-term cure rate is 57%.
3. Ventilator therapy
Ventilators are often recommended in preference by physicians. It is safer and more suitable for a wider population, while surgery is only suitable for some obstructive patients.
When worn while sleeping, the ventilator opens the airway directly through a certain level of positive pressure, which prevents the airway from collapsing and allows it to open up, thus preventing the appearance of snoring. Not only can it reduce the occurrence of sleep apnea, but it can also improve daytime drowsiness and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular complications in the long run. Kongsang can provide non-invasive ventilation therapy for patients with obstructive sleep apnea or respiratory insufficiency, and can be used in both hospital and home settings.

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