How Do I Know If My Dog Has a Cold?

The main symptoms of a cold:

Dogs usually have a bad mental state after catching a cold. They are not as active as usual, and their appetite will also decrease. With sneezing and coughing, the nose will have runny nose; there will also be congestion of the eye and conjunctiva. Body temperature will rise, usually 39 to 40°C.

Symptoms of flu:

The main symptom is high fever. In addition to the symptoms of a common cold, it may also be accompanied by conjunctivitis. Unlike the common cold, influenza is usually caused by a virus, which spreads the infection through the air and is epidemic.

Symptoms of a fake cold:

Sometimes the dog has symptoms of a cold, but the dog is not suffering from a cold, but suffering from other diseases. The symptoms of a fake cold are usually more common in the early stages of infectious diseases. Although they are similar to the symptoms of a cold, they can still be distinguished as long as the owner carefully observes them. For example, when a dog is infected with canine distemper, the body temperature will be high and low instead of being kept at a high temperature. Parvovirus will also be accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea.

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