How to Feed a Healthy Chihuahua?

Chihuahua is elegant, alert, and quick to move. It is widely loved by people for its well-proportioned physique and petite size.


Chihuahuas are not only cute small pet dogs, but also have the hunting and guarding instincts of large dogs, and have a temperament similar to terrier dogs.

They are petite and do not require high living space. Basically, the space of a normal residence is enough for them to play. Chihuahuas can stay at home every day and are very suitable for people living in apartments to raise.

Chihuahua doesn't exercise much, so you don't have to spend too much time taking it out to play.

Chihuahuas are very afraid of the cold, so be careful to keep them warm.

Chihuahuas eating habits:

Chihuahuas should be provided with fresh and clean food, and their utensils should be washed and rinsed frequently, and a certain amount of clean drinking water should be provided after eating.

Chihuahuas have a small appetite, have a fast metabolism, and are easily hungry, so they need to be fed several times a day.

Since Chihuahuas are not cold-resistant, the food should also be warm. Meat should be cooked, chopped, and mixed with dry feed and warm water before feeding. The amount of meat should also be controlled.

What should I pay attention to when raising Chihuahuas?

① Although Chihuahuas are petite, they are not timid to other dogs, and are extremely exclusive to their owners. Chihuahuas are more possessive and like to stay with people and be held by people.

② Chihuahuas are easy to be stepped on due to their small size.

③ Chihuahuas can’t eat too much, oily, or cold food, which can easily cause diarrhea and stomach cold.

④ In autumn and winter, the temperature changes drastically, so you should always pay attention to the warmth of Chihuahuas. Temperature is the point of invasion of Chihuahua disease.

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