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How to Prevent Covid-19 (2)

by kinglen on Feb 13, 2022

How to Prevent Covid-19 (2)

Fourth, avoid travel when you have a fever or cough, and notify the crew immediately if you get sick mid-flight. When you get home, you should contact your health care provider and tell them where you have been.
Fifth, cover your cough or sneeze with your sleeve or use a tissue. Dispose of tissues immediately after use in a closed trash can, then wash your hands.
Sixth, people over the age of 60 or those with underlying diseases such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, and diabetes may have a higher risk of severe illness after contracting the new coronavirus. This group of people should take extra precautions, such as avoiding crowded places or places where they may interact with sick people.
Seventh, if you feel unwell, stay home and call your doctor or local health care provider who will ask about your symptoms, where you have been, and who you have been in contact with. This will help you get the right advice or be directed to the right healthcare facility and prevent infecting others.
Eighth, stay home when sick, eat and sleep separately from family members, and use different utensils.
Ninth, if you experience shortness of breath, seek medical attention immediately.
Tenth, it is normal and understandable to feel anxious during a pandemic, especially when living in a country or community that has been impacted by the pandemic. Learn about the community's measures to prevent and control the outbreak, and discuss how to stay safe in the workplace, school, and more.

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