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How to Prevent Helicobacter Pylori

by len king on Nov 29, 2023

Preventing H. pylori infection requires a comprehensive approach, and the following are some suggestions:
Avoid mouth-to-mouth transmission: H. pylori can be transmitted through mouth-to-mouth, so don't share utensils, food, drinks and other items, especially don't chew food and feed it to infants and young children.
Maintaining personal hygiene: Doing a good job of oral hygiene and washing hands before and after meals can reduce the spread of H. pylori.
Dietary hygiene: Family members should share meals, use communal chopsticks and spoons, and regularly boil and sterilize tableware. Don't eat cold food, don't drink untreated water, and wash and peel vegetables and fruits. Do not eat too hot and spicy food to protect the gastric mucosa and increase resistance.
Avoid close contact: Avoid sharing meals, kissing and other close contact with people infected with H. pylori to avoid the spread of germs.
Timely treatment: If you are infected with H. pylori, you should consult a doctor in time and follow the doctor's advice.
In conclusion, prevention of H. pylori infection needs to start from several aspects, including dietary hygiene, personal hygiene, avoiding contact and other measures. Only by taking comprehensive measures can H. pylori infection be effectively prevented.

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