How to Rescue a Stray Dog?

The winter is coming. For stray animals, winter is a very unfriendly season. Many animals will lose their lives in this season because of the cold and lack of food. So before winter comes, if you happen to have the idea of keeping a pet, rescuing a stray animal will undoubtedly kill two birds with one stone.

Of course, rescuing a stray animal is by no means as simple as taking it home.

First of all, if you want to rescue a puppy that has not been weaned, it is very important to determine whether it has been separated from its mother. Because for the unweaned puppies, it needs the mother's nurturing very much, so if the mother is still taking care of its children, then priority should be given to helping both the puppy and its mother.

If it is determined that the puppy has separated from its mother, or the puppy is suspected of being ill, then it is necessary to implement rescue as soon as possible and send the puppy to the pet hospital.

If you want to rescue a weaned puppy or an adult dog, you can directly help. It should be noted that if you are very familiar with the dog, and the dog is very docile, you can help yourself with protection.

If you don’t know the rescued dog, or if the dog is emotional and resistant to humans, you need to ask for help from a local shelter o rescue organization.

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