Precautions for Dogs in Autumn

1. Keep your dog warm.
When the weather turns cold, the dogs will also feel cold, and the owners must add a piece of clothing to them in a timely manner.
2. Prepare a kennel for the dog.
In summer, dogs are greedy for cold, and generally like to sleep directly on the cool floor tiles or the floor. The owner should prepare a warm and comfortable kennel for the dog.
3. Increase dog food.
After the weather turns cold, the appetite of the dogs slowly recovers, so the owner should add dog food to the dogs in time, of course, not too much to avoid indigestion.
4. Dry the dog after bathing.
The temperature in autumn is lower than that in summer. When the owner bathes the dog, he must act swiftly and blow dry in time after washing to prevent the dog from catching a cold.

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