Problematic Behavior Correction in Puppies(1)

Puppies are dogs weaned to 8 months of age. Newly weaned puppies are often restless and barking after leaving their mother.

  1. Bite something.

For puppies, digging, biting or scratching objects is a normal play behavior, and the owner can give it enough time to chew on the toy and increase the time to play with the dog.

  1. Barking

Barking is a dog's instinct. Dogs bark to express excitement, greeting, warning, fear, distress, etc., but dog barking is one of the headaches in urban pet keeping.

Corrections for barking due to separation anxiety:

The owner can leave for a short time and then come back quickly before the dog starts to respond and develops anxiety.

When you leave, give it a toy, stuff it with food that smells but is not easy to eat, and put it away immediately when you get home. Before you leave home for training, take your dog for a walk or do some indoor play to drain your dog's energy.

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