Problematic Behavior Correction in Puppies(2)

  1. The problem of dogs jumping on people.

Correct the dog's habit of jumping on people when it sees its owner or other strangers. This behavior of small dogs is cute, but medium and large dogs are at risk of knocking over people. Therefore, it is necessary to correct the dog's habit of throwing people from the puppy period. Under normal circumstances, when the puppy pounces, the owner should crouch down, keep it at eye level, and then pet it. Better yet, spend more time playing with your dog to keep him entertained. But if this method doesn't work and the dog continues to jump at the person, it should be corrected.

  1. Drag someone while walking.

The method of traction training is that the owner picks up the puppy, puts it between his knees, puts the collar and the leash on the puppy's neck, and then puts the leash on the ground, the owner takes a few steps forward and calls the dog's name , let the dog follow, and gradually guide the puppy to the selected spot. If the puppy walks well, it should be rewarded in time. In the early stage of training, a thinner leash should be used, and then changed to a commonly used leash after the dog is used to it. When training, let the dog obey the owner's control and not run with the owner. During traction training, it is also forbidden to pick up things, bark at people, and jump at others.

Dogs are very plastic animals. Good habits developed in the puppy period can benefit both it and its owner, not only bring joy to everyone, but also become a beautiful scenery for the surrounding environment.

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