Problems and Countermeasures that May Occur When Puppies Arrive Home (1)

1. If the puppy is not energetic when he first arrives home, he may be tired from the road, unable to adapt to the new environment, or feel uncomfortable after leaving his mother. In this case, just let him adapt gradually. However, if the puppy is not energetic, accompanied by diarrhea and fever, he needs to go to the veterinary hospital for examination immediately.
2. The puppy does not eat. Some puppies that are about 5 days old do not know how to use a feeding bottle. At this time, you need to use a soft-tip syringe to pump the milk into their mouth little by little and let them swallow. If it is a larger dog, it may be  caused by changing food. The best way is to gradually change his food: change 1/8 of the amount every day until the replacement is complete; if there is no food that the puppy ate before, you can only adopt a fixed meal method: feed at a fixed time every day, if the dog does not eat it, just remove the dog basin while ensuring sufficient water until the next meal. The dog will generally start eating at the third or fourth meal. However, if the dog still does not eat after two days, you can consider sending him to a pet clinic to check whether he has esophagus or intestinal related problems.

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