Problems and Countermeasures that May Occur When Puppies Arrive Home (2)

3. After a dog is born, in order to protect it from catching cold, it’sseldom bathed, and it is inevitable that there will be some peculiar smells. Even so, it is not recommended to take a bath in the first few days when the puppy arrives home. If it is really unbearable, you can use dog dry cleaning powder (not recommended for frequent use). After 10 days after the dog has received all the vaccines, and the dog’s body is not abnormal, the dog can be bathed. But be sure to wipe and blow dry before letting the dog move freely.

4. The puppy bites things randomly. It is normal for dogs to bite things when they are young. When the dog starts to bite things randomly, the chews, teeth sticks, and teeth bones you prepare will come in handy. However, if the dog bites furniture, shoes, etc., at this time, the dog needs to be intensively trained to make himlike molar sticks and molar bones, and let him know that he cannot bite other things.

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