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Regular Monitoring of Blood Oxygen Indicators in the Elderly to be on the Alert for Hypoxemia

by len king on Apr 27, 2023

Regular Monitoring of Blood Oxygen Indicators in the Elderly to be on the Alert for Hypoxemia

Some elderly people and people with underlying diseases may lead to serious illnesses, pneumonia, or even respiratory failure and other symptoms. Therefore, when monitoring the elderly at home, family members should pay special attention to their blood oxygen indicators and seek medical attention as soon as symptoms such as rapid decline occur.
Several important indicators, a respiratory rate, if breathing is particularly fast, there is shortness of breath, more than 30 times per minute, then it is necessary to go to the hospital to see a doctor. We also recommend that the elderly and basic patients have a finger oxygen meter at home, this finger oxygen meter is very simple to measure, if it is lower than 93, then it is a serious manifestation of the disease, if it is lower than 95, 94, then also need early oxygenation.

  When an elderly person with underlying disease is bedridden, the oxygen saturation is quite good when he is lying down at rest, but it will drop significantly when he moves, which means that he is already lacking oxygen in his body. Therefore, it is also recommended to measure oxygen at rest, and then measure it again with activity. If it drops rapidly, it also indicates the risk of serious illness and should be treated in hospital.

  In the home environment, blood oxygen saturation is low, and oxygen can be administered at home when available. Because the new crown of serious illness leading to respiratory failure, are from hypoxemia, hypoxia induced a series of aggravation of underlying disease, so we say that the elderly have underlying disease, why so vulnerable? It is because this population is poorly tolerant to hypoxia, and hypoxia can induce a series of aggravation of the underlying disease, leading to heavy or even death. Therefore, early intervention to solve the problem of hypoxia is one of the most effective means to reduce the risk of serious illness and death, so I hope that these elderly people at home, with the finger oxygen at any time to measure, can absorb oxygen as much as possible.

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