Six Signs When Dogs Are Sick

  1. Loss of appetite

A gluttonous dog suddenly doesn't like to eat, loses his appetite rapidly, then his body must have a problem. It is possible that the dog food is tired, and the owner could try to change the dog food to see if the dog eats it or not. If it doesn't eat, take it to the hospital for a checkup.


  1. Low motivation to exercise

 Dogs are very active in life. If the dog is healthy, it is impossible to be too lazy to move and unwilling to exercise. If the dog is lethargic and unwilling to move, the owner needs to observe its situation more.


  1. Weight loss

The dog eats as usual, even saying that it eats more than before, but its weight is gradually decreasing. Then the dog may have too many internal parasites. The dog must be dewormed first. The parasites will deprive the dog of a large amount of nutrition in the body, so no matter how nutritious food the dog eats, the dog will still be malnourished and will naturally not gain weight.


  1. Dry nose with nasal fluid

 Under normal circumstances, the dog's nose is moist and very clean. If the dog's nose is suddenly dry, or the nose is very dirty and has nasal mucus, then the owner should check the dog's body more often. It is very likely that the dog is sick with a cold.


  1. Vomiting food

 There are many reasons for dog vomiting, but vomiting is only due to physical problems. Most of the vomiting is caused by gastrointestinal indigestion. The owner can feed some pet probiotics to help promote the dog’s gastrointestinal digestion, promote absorption, and improve the dog’s immunity. force. Also fast first.


  1. Abnormal bowel movements

 The defecation status of the dog is the signal light of the dog's health. Healthy puppies defecate about twice a day. The color of the stool varies with the food, usually black or yellowish brown, and should be moderately firm. If the dog suddenly has diarrhea and has abnormal bowel movements, the owner should pay more attention. If it is accompanied by fever, blood in the stool, frequent vomiting, etc., be careful. It may be a parvovirus. Advise the owner more pay attention to.



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Give her enough love and keep her warm in autumn and winter. You can also prepare some test kits for some common dog diseases in advance. I will write a blog about Chihuahua this week, I hope it will be helpful to you.


My Chihuahua is 7 months old and he has she had her shots already is there anything I need to do she’s very active when she around people but otherwise she lay around and take a break her name is she’s 7 months old

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