Symptoms of Dog&Cat Heartworm Disease

The main symptoms of dogs are:   

Cough, decreased training endurance, weight loss, etc. Other symptoms include palpitations, heart murmurs, dyspnea, increased body temperature, and increased abdominal circumference.

In the later period, the dog will gradually lose weight and die because of the increase in anemia. In vena cava syndrome, a large number of worms in the right atrium and vena cava can cause sudden failure and death. Prior to this, dogs often suffered from loss of appetite and jaundice. Dogs suffering from heartworm disease are often accompanied by nodular skin diseases, characterized by itching and multiple nodules that tend to rupture.

The center of a dog's skin nodule is suppurative, and a micro-wire hoe is commonly found in the surrounding blood vessels.

The most common symptoms of cats are:

Loss of appetite, lethargy, coughing, painful breathing, and vomiting. Other symptoms are weight loss and sudden death. Right heart failure and vena cava syndrome are rare in cats.


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