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The benefits of oxygen inhalation for home oxygen concentrator oxygen therapy

by kinglen on Jul 13, 2021

The benefits of oxygen inhalation for home oxygen concentrator oxygen therapy

Home oxygen generator oxygen therapy is currently the main way to protect people's respiratory health. With the increasing number of users nowadays, home oxygen inhaler oxygen therapy and oxygen inhalation have also become a very broad user group. However, for these uses, many people are not clear about the benefits of oxygen inhalation for home oxygen concentrators.

1. Frequent oxygen can be anti-aging

With age, vascular sclerosis and lung function decrease, and the partial pressure of arterial blood oxygen in the body gradually decreases, which is more pronounced in smokers. Oxygen inhalation and oxygen therapy with a home oxygen generator can significantly increase the partial pressure of oxygen and prevent many senile diseases. happened.

2. Improve sub-health

People living in modern society often have such feelings that they are depressed, irritable, prone to insomnia, fatigue, chronic sore throat, and repeated colds... Medical experts call it a sub-health state. According to the survey, about 60% of the population is in a sub-healthy state, and the proportion of young and middle-aged intellectuals is higher, and about 78% are in a sub-healthy state. Experiments have proved that home oxygen therapy is very helpful in improving sub-health status.

3. Improve body resistance and prevent disease

Oxygen inhalation by a household oxygen generator can enhance the material metabolism of human cells, tissues and organs, enhance the function of various organs, and improve the body’s immunity. It is very good for common diseases such as cerebral insufficiency, cerebral infarction, coronary heart disease, asthma, nerve failure, etc. Control effect.

4. It is beneficial to the growth and development of the fetus

The oxygen that the fetus needs is obtained from the mother's blood through the fetal pelvis. Therefore, the pregnant woman can ensure that the fetus receives enough oxygen, so that the fetus can develop better and prevent premature birth or dementia.

5. Relieve fatigue, improve intelligence and work efficiency

The human brain consumes 20% of the body's oxygen and is particularly sensitive to hypoxia. Insufficient oxygen supply can cause fatigue syndromes such as insufficient physical strength, lack of physical strength, dizziness, insomnia, decreased memory and loss of appetite, which affects people's intelligence and work efficiency. Household oxygen concentrators can significantly improve the above symptoms after inhaling oxygen.

In the use of household oxygen generators, many people still have a very deep misunderstanding of Qi. Although oxygen inhalation and oxygen therapy is a promotion for human health, we must also base it on oxygen therapy. Use it in your own situation. Only when the oxygen therapy is combined with the user's physical condition can a good home oxygen therapy effect be achieved and the user can obtain a healthier physical condition.


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