The Hidden Dangers of Dog Shearing

Recently, a netizen claimed that his dog's temperament changed drastically after being shaved, and he ignored the owner's call to him.


According to pet experts, when trimming dog hair, dogs will more or less "resist". There are no sweat glands on a dog's body, only the tongue can dissipate heat, so the dog's heat dissipation depends on the tongue instead of the skin. Even if the dog is cut, the dog may not feel cool. Especially shaved dog hair, for dogs, not only does not have the effect of reducing heat, but it can also cause skin diseases.

In addition, if the dog's hair is too short and there is no protection of the hair, the skin is directly exposed to the hot sun, and it is more susceptible to ultraviolet rays. In addition, dogs often lie on the ground, and their bare skin can easily be infected with fungi and skin diseases, and they are also particularly susceptible to mosquito bites, which increases the risk of skin diseases and colds. After some puppies are shaved, they will become "depressed" because of the change in their image.

The veterinarian pointed out that if the dog is shaved for the first time, the owner can praise it appropriately and spend more time with it. In addition, you should take care to avoid taking your dog out when the temperature is high, and pay attention to your dog’s hygiene, but it is not advisable to take a bath every day.

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