The Manifestation and Cause Analysis of Dog Anxiety

Symptoms of dog anxiety:

  1. Dogs are sensitive to the actions of their owners. Seeing the owner take the key or put on the coat, the dog becomes nervous, running back and forth, drooling, barking, biting the owner's clothes, and acting agitated.
  2. When the owner is not at home, the dog will bite the furniture randomly, mess up the floor, wailing, self-harm, diarrhea or vomit in severe cases.
  3. When the owner returns home, the dog looks excited, runs around the owner, chewing or licking his wounds. Barking is the most typical manifestation of separation anxiety disorder, and it is also a sign of the disease. The mental stress of the dog can be relieved by barking.

Cause analysis:

  1. The owner spoils the dog and always meets his psychological needs, so that the dog cannot be independent.
  2. Some dogs are totally dependent on their owners and have no experience in taking care of themselves. When their owners leave, they don't know what to do, which leads to unstable psychology and insecurity.
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