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The pregnancy cycle of dogs is a relatively fixed period, but the specific length may vary slightly due to breed,

by len king on Jun 06, 2024

The pregnancy cycle of dogs is a relatively fixed period, but the specific length may vary slightly due to breed,

physical condition, and individual differences. Here is a detailed explanation of the pregnancy cycle of dogs:

Length of Pregnancy: The pregnancy cycle of dogs generally ranges from 58 to 64 days, with an average of 60 to 62 days. This period is calculated from the date of the last mating of the female dog until the normal delivery of the fetuses.

Pregnancy Symptoms: About 20 days after pregnancy, the female dog may experience pregnancy symptoms such as loss of appetite and vomiting. Subsequently, the mammary glands of the female dog will become tense and hard, and the nipples will gradually increase. Around 30 days, the abdomen of the female dog will gradually enlarge, and her appetite and weight will also increase accordingly.

Stages of Pregnancy:
First Stage (1-30 days): The female dog has just conceived, and it is not advisable to do strenuous exercise to avoid miscarriage. During this stage, the fetus grows slowly, so there is no need to feed too much nutritious food. Maintain the usual feeding level.

Second Stage (30-45 days): The fetus in the female dog's abdomen begins to grow gradually, and her abdomen will further enlarge, and the mammary glands will become more prominent. At this time, it is necessary to increase nutrition appropriately, such as meat, eggs, calcium, etc., to meet the needs of the female dog and the fetus.

Third Stage (45-60 days): The abdomen of the female dog will become obviously swollen, and the fetus has basically matured. At this time, special attention should be paid to the female dog's exercise volume and diet to avoid excessive obesity or overnutrition leading to dystocia.

During the pregnancy of the female dog, it is necessary to ensure that she has sufficient food and water, as well as appropriate exercise, to enhance her physical strength and help smooth delivery.
Around 40 days of pregnancy, you can take the female dog to the hospital for prenatal checkups to understand the number and health status of the fetuses and prepare for delivery.
Do not bathe the female dog during pregnancy to avoid miscarriage or infection.
Calcium and trace elements should be supplemented daily, but excessive calcium supplementation should be avoided to prevent premature calcification of fetal bones and affect smooth delivery.
In general, the pregnancy cycle of dogs is a stage that 
requires careful care and attention. Owners need to provide sufficient nutrition, appropriate exercise, and necessary medical checkups for the female dog to ensure the health of the female dog and the fetus.

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