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by kinglen on Jul 07, 2021


Breathing difficulties sometimes require the use of supplemental oxygen in order to maintain safe oxygen blood levels. The problem with standard oxygen tanks is that they are bulky and heavy and need to be refilled or replaced when empty. This can diminish your independence and quality-of-life. The oxygen concentrator usage alleviate some of this issue since they are lighter and more portable to allow the user to get out and about. Finding the best oxygen concentrator for you may seem impossible but SmileCareHealth is here to help you make an educated decision.

Our Recommendation For Top 3 Best Oxygen Concentrators

1. 110V Oxygen Concentrator 1-9L/min Portable Oxygen Generator 

Mini portable oxygen concentrator with handle and caster design
High quality medical level oxygen adopted by USA techology, oil free compressor, improted molecular sieve
HD high LED screen with time setting and keeping:  super clear to read and easy to use
Integrated cleaning-free filter function:  pure oxygen and convenience
External humidifier bottle design to ensure better medical level oxygen
Distinctive heat radiation design of air duct  for longer service life
Voice broadcast to ensure convenienct and easy for each person
1-9L/min super large flow to meet different needs whether at home or outside Silence working performance 40dB only

 2. 110V/220V Home 5L/10L Oxygen Concentrator Generator, Built-in Atomizer

2in1 concentrator+nebulizer: multiple use and functions
Five level filter and imported molecular sieve: medical level guarantee
USA technology+oil-free compressor: high-efficiency, durable and low failure rate
Caster and handle design: convenient to carry, low noise
High definition LED screen: super clear and easy to read
External humidifier bottle design: detachable, washable and reusability
Multiple alarm design: used safely and super-assured
Adjustable flow: convenient for different needs of oxygen
                         KSOC-5L            KSOC-10L

 3. 220V 1-5L Portable Oxygen Concentrator for Travel with Battery and Carry Bag

This portable oxygen machine produces different oxygen purity range from 40%-93% with the adjustable continuous flow from 1 to 5 liters per minute. This oxygen machine is relatively compact and ideal for everyday use at home, outside, or in the car, and it is effective in any setting. This o2 concentrator adopts low-noise technology, you can also use it in a quiet place like a church without disturbing others.

For your safety, our best oxygen concentrator could detect the signal of respiratory when you are using the oxygen machine, and the oxygen availability of portable concentrators would be raised to a level corresponding to your needs.

This portable o2 concentrator is equipped with a single battery, which is a battery-embedded design. This battery is capable of powering the oxygen generator for up to three hours. Compared with other oxygen generators in the market, it is equivalent to an upgrade product. Most of the high-flow oxygen concentrators in the market are separated from the battery and the machine. The device is a brand new version of the oxygen supply machine.



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