What are the common diseases in puppies, how to prevent it?

1. Infectious disease

Infectious diseases are immunized young animals with multiple diseases, common dog, thin, coronary, adenovirus (dog infectious hepatitis), pane flu. Dog, early stage performance is a conjunctivitis, cough, temperature rise, a small amount of raust eye nose secretions; medium eye nose secretions have increased significantly, loss of appetite, rough foot pad, heavy stool or diarrhea, vomiting, breathing; Thick and neurological symptoms (convulsions). The fine virus mainly has intestinal inflammatory and myocarditis, and the clinical intestinal inflammation type, the initial expression is anorexia, fever, vomiting, vomit is clear color, bile or bleeding, then start diarrhea, transform from gray or yellow into brown ( Blood), the above symptoms If there is a more frequently occurring and more frequently exhibited dehydration in 24-48 hours, it will cause hypoglycemia for a long time. Myocardial inflammatory disease occurs in 28-42 years old puppies, often without first megabular symptoms or a slight diarrhea, sudden death. Coronary virus symptoms are similar to fine viruses, and if you want to distinguish it, which viral infection needs to be related to virus detection. Adenovirosis is divided into type (dog infectious hepatitis) and π-type (respiratory diseases and pumericitis). Dog infectious hepatitis is an acute septic infectious disease caused by the prostatic virus 1 type. It has the most embat of vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea and other symptoms of symptoms. Depression, no food, thirst, increase blood; acute tonsils, head and neck edema, corneal edema (blue eye disease), and eye secretions increase. The best preventive way is to do the relevant medical examination of the newly brought home. After the problem is not a problem, at least one week, if there is no problem after a week, then take the hospital to vaccine, if you find the dog during this period Any discomfort requires any discomfort that needs to take a timely to the hospital for examination, because the virus can't be found in the incubation period, it needs to wait until it appears to check the diagnosis. Pay attention to keep warm during the vaccine, do not bring the outside environment to play and bathe. The most important thing is to make a vaccine on time.

2. Parasite

Intestinal parasites are common with dear insects, mites, hooks, coccidi, etc., slightly manifestation is softer, severe appearance is diarrhea, vomiting, blood (mostly bright red), pneumonia (mainly insect infection), sometimes It can be seen in a west. In vitro parasites, there are scorpions, fleas, locusts, ear, etc., will cause blood disease, skin allergies, intestinal parasites, etc. The main preventive way is regularly do fecal inspections, deworming and sanitary care, because animals will often lick their own hair, genitals, ground playing and on the ground to eat food, so it is necessary, no matter whether there is a door to dewatering. of.

3. Respiratory infection

Due to the weaker of young animal physique, especially most of the animals, it is easy to cause pneumonia, bronchitis or induce other diseases due to cooling, and the treatment cycle of the disease will lead to death. This is also a lot of pet, why is a simple cough to treat so long, it is more likely to be more and more serious, so it is important to keep warm work, and immunized young animals don't blindly take a bath and Environmental play with the outside world.

4. Diarrhea

The gastrointestinal tract of young animals is relatively sensitive, causing cold or improper diet, etc., can cause diarrhea, so animals below 3 months do not recommend feeding snacks and diet, general recommendation in the case of good nutritional conditions Dog food is OK, if there is any malnutrition, you can eat some protein powder, goat milk powder, nutrition cream, etc., etc. People's food prohibit giving food, if they may cause pick-up habits during this period, resulting in malnutrition or even poisoning of gastrointestinal diseases due to your feeding (not all people can eat You can eat it.)

5. Low blood sugar

Hypoglycemia is also a disease that often occurs in young animals, especially like Bome, Chihuahua, etc. More than fed improper or disease, when animals in 3 months, there will be low blood sugar for one day, this situation is mostly caused by disease, usually in addition to vomiting, diarrhea, cough and other symptoms; Secondly, the diet is inappropriate. Many pets or sellers will control diet in order to pursue small size. Some people who often ask me to eat a few dogs, every time I see this problem, "he" heart It's all, I want to say that you will try a few rice a day. In general, quality dog ​​food will feeding instructions after packaging, depending on the body weight, body, age, etc. of the animal, and the corresponding feeding standards.

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