What are the signs of pregnancy? Distinguish the three symptoms of a dog's pregnancy

Observe, touch

by hand Female dogs have obvious physical symptoms after pregnancy, such as loss of appetite, anorexia, and vomiting due to hormone disorders in the body; at the same time, the breasts will become enlarged and the breasts will become red. In a month or so, the puppies in the dog's belly will begin to develop. If you touch it with your hands, you will feel a lump in the uterus of the pregnant dog's abdomen, which is an embryo! In daily maintenance, avoid strenuous activities of the dog to prevent miscarriage, such as jumping, going up and down the stairs, running, fighting, etc. You can take the dog for a walk and get more sun. In terms of feeding, increase the nutritional supply, such as protein, calcium, vitamins, etc., and increase the frequency of feeding to meet the nutritional intake of the bitch and the dog in the stomach.

Mood changes

During pregnancy, due to hormonal disorders, the dog's mood will change, and it will become irritable and irritable. Manifested as barking, nervousness, etc. During this period, the pet owner must be patient, and must not make any harmful actions because of boredom, etc., pay attention to calm the dog's emotions, keep the dog in a quiet and peaceful state, and prevent the fetal health from being affected by large emotional fluctuations.

Take it to the hospital

Many times the dog has a false pregnancy situation, which makes the happy pet owner think that he is pregnant. In the end, he can't wait to beat his dog. If the pet owner sees the dog with a big belly, it is best to take it to the pet hospital for a B-ultrasound examination. On the one hand, to see if the dog is pregnant, on the other hand, if the dog is pregnant, he can also find out how many babies the dog is pregnant with. Whether the fetal position is normal, etc., if there is an abnormal situation, it can prevent trouble before it occurs, and be prepared in time.

Test it at home

Rapid Canine Pregnancy Test For Dogs—Early detection of planned pregnancy by yourself at home. This product can quickly and qualitatively detect the Canine Relaxin in serum or plasma, and is used for Canine Relaxin screening and auxiliary diagnosis.


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