What is the Source of FPV?

The most important source of infection of cat plague is cats infected and recovered from infected cats. It can detoxify from feces, urine, saliva, vomit and secretions of eyes and nose. The virus in feces can survive for 43 days. Infected kittens’ kidneys can carry the virus for more than one year. The discharged virus extensively pollutes the surrounding environment, spreads and spreads and causes epidemics.

It is mainly transmitted through the digestive tract through indirect means such as direct contact and contaminated feed. In addition, it may also be transmitted by blood-sucking insects such as preparation, wind, beer, etc. The pregnant female cat can also be infected vertically through the placenta to the fetus.

The incidence of kittens under 1 year old reaches 83.5%, and the incidence decreases with age. The incidence of adult cats over 3 years old accounts for only 2%, and it is common to have whole litters before and after weaning.

Once the cat population is contaminated, the epidemic is very rapid, the mortality rate is extremely high, and an endemic epidemic is formed; if the cats are transported over long distances, the breeding conditions are changed suddenly, and the cats of different or unknown sources are mixed together, it will often cause an acute outbreak. The case fatality rate is over 90%.

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