What Kind of Dog Is Susceptible to CDV? How to Prevent CD?

Caninedistemper(CD) is a serious canine disease that mainly harms puppies.

The pathogen is canine distemper virus. It is a fatal infectious disease. Sick dogs are characterized by biphasic fever, rhinitis, severe digestive tract disorders and respiratory tract inflammation. Encephalitis can occur in a few cases.

Sled dogs and other dog breeds suitable for life in cold regions have a higher mortality rate from this disease. CD mainly occurs in puppies between 3 months and 12 months of age. The disease may occur throughout the year. It occurs frequently in winter and spring, regardless of age, breed, or gender. However, it occurs more frequently in dogs under 1 year old, and the disease is serious. The mortality rate is also high. Sick dogs are the main source of transmission of this disease. The virus is present in large amounts in nose and eye secretions, vomit, blood, cerebrospinal fluid, lymphatic fluid, liver and spleen, heart, pleural fluid, and ascites.

How to prevent:

  1. Regular vaccination.
  2. Environmental disinfection: disinfection of the breeding place and the place of frequent activities.


How to do regular health tests for dogs at home?

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