What Kind of Dog Needs Calcium Supplements?

Dogs of different breeds and body types have different calcium supplement methods at different ages.
But no matter what the size of the dog, calcium supplementation is not necessary during lactation, because they can get a lot of calcium from breast milk.

After the puppies are weaned, the miniature dogs and small dogs that are fed the puppy dog ​​food do not need calcium supplementation, because the puppy food will contain an appropriate amount of calcium. But large and medium-sized dogs should pay attention to proper calcium supplementation after weaning. Because the larger the size of the dog, the faster the growth rate, and the greater the demand for calcium. The calcium contained in ordinary puppies can hardly meet the growth needs of large dogs.
If you feed your dogs homemade food, you should pay more attention to giving them calcium in time.

In addition, if your pet dog eats animal liver or meat as a staple food for a long time, then it should also be supplemented with calcium in an appropriate amount. Because this kind of food not only contains low calcium content, but also contains high concentration of vitamin A, long-term intake of high concentration of vitamin A in dogs can inhibit calcium absorption. So you should immediately get rid of the long-term habit of feeding the dog's internal organs to the dog and add calcium to it in time.

Many dogs will have calcium deficiency after normal delivery. Clinical studies have found that postpartum and lactating female dogs will cause acute postpartum calcium deficiency due to low blood calcium levels. Calcium deficiency in dogs after childbirth not only seriously affects the dog's own health, but also causes great harm to the puppies' health. There are also several different ways to supplement calcium for dogs after childbirth. For example, food supplements calcium. Usually, prepare more calcium-rich foods for dogs to eat to strengthen calcium supplementation. Because the dog can neither lack nor excessive calcium supplementation, proper calcium supplementation is the best for the health of the dog.

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