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What Points Should be Paid Attention to When Purchasing a Compressed Atomizer?

by kinglen on Dec 23, 2021

What Points Should be Paid Attention to When Purchasing a Compressed Atomizer?
  1. The noise of the compressor: the noise of the atomizer is an important indicator of its quality.

Loud noise will affect the mood of patients.

Most of the noise of compressed atomizers on the market is around 80 decibels, and the noise of good quality compressed atomizers should be within 65 decibels.

  1. Vibration:

Generally speaking, if the noise is loud, the vibration must not be small.

  1. Fever:

Accompanying the above-mentioned noise and vibration is the problem of heat generation.

Machines with high noise and vibration must generate more heat.

In fact, the above three items are all energy losses. Therefore, the nominal power of the compressed atomizer is not as large as possible.

For machines with high power but high noise (large vibration and heat), most of its energy is wasted.

  1. Atomized particles:

The size of the atomized particles is directly related to the atomization effect. Smaller (less than 2.5μm) atomized particles can reach the lower respiratory tract and alveoli. Generally, the specifications provided by the manufacturer have a label indicating the size of the atomized particle. The label of the atomized particle generally refers to the size of the drug particle. The average particle size (MMAD) ), mean median size (MMD), etc. The size of the atomized particles is affected by two factors: the compressor and the atomization cup. The compressor provides constant pressure air, and the process of the atomization cup determines the level of excitation particle size.

  1. Portability:

When used at home, the size of the nebulizer is also a factor that household users need to consider. Smaller size means more convenient to carry. If you need to travel during the nebulization treatment, you need more attention.

  1. The design and appearance quality of the atomization cup:

After the compressor meets the basic requirements, the quality of the atomization cup is particularly critical.

It is best to choose an atomizing cup with patented technology. This information can generally be obtained from the product packaging.


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