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Will long-term use of home oxygen machines for oxygen intake create dependence?

by len king on Jan 04, 2023

Oxygen Concentrator

Nowadays, more and more people are using home oxygen concentrators, and many users are worried that they will become dependent on the oxygen concentrator. In fact, this worry is superfluous.
Dependence, in medical terms, refers to "drug dependence", which is a mental and sometimes physical state caused by the interaction between a drug and the body, showing a compulsive need to take the drug continuously or regularly and other reactions.
Psychiatric dependence refers to the patient's excessive craving for the addictive drug in order to obtain the perverse pleasure of taking it. Somatic dependence refers to a pathological alteration in the mental system or bodily functions of a patient who has been taking a drug to such an extent that the drug is required to persist in the body.

Why doesn't oxygen dependence occur with oxygen concentrators?

Home oxygen therapy or hospital oxygen intake obviously does not have the above conditions for the following reasons.
1. Oxygen is not a medicine.
2. Oxygen is a gas that the human body needs to continuously take in from the air for a long time since it was born.
3. The symptoms of hypoxia that need to be relieved by oxygen inhalation do not bring any perverted pleasure.
We can't expect all the symptoms of oxygen inhalation at one time, and the previous symptoms that appear again after stopping oxygen inhalation are actually still the manifestation of oxygen deficiency, not withdrawal symptoms, so oxygen inhalation will not produce addiction or dependence.

Who is suitable for oxygen machines?

1. People who are prone to hypoxia: middle-aged and old people, pregnant women, students who are engaged in long-term mental work, company employees, cadres of institutions, etc.
2. Plateau hypoxia disease: plateau pulmonary edema, acute mountain sickness, chronic mountain sickness, plateau coma, plateau hypoxia symptoms, etc.
3. People with weak and sickly muscle immunity, heat stroke, gas poisoning, drug poisoning, etc.
People suffering from chronic bronchitis, emphysema and other chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are recommended to use oxygen machines of 5 liters or more for oxygen therapy. Students and white-collar workers and other brain workers, pregnant women and elderly family members can use 3-liter oxygen concentrators and below for oxygen therapy.

How long is the appropriate duration of oxygen intake per day?

Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease require long-term oxygen therapy, and it is generally recommended that the duration of oxygen intake be 15 hours or more. For non-slow obstructive pulmonary disease patients, oxygen intake varies from a few hours to a dozen hours per day, mainly to control the flow rate of oxygen intake, extend the duration of oxygen intake, and monitor the oxygen saturation within the required range, the longer the oxygen intake time, the greater the benefit to the patient.

How to choose an oxygen machine?

Oxygen concentrator is a home medical product, you must choose the product with medical production qualification and brand guarantee, the professional and regular brand has more advanced oxygen technology and perfect after-sales service system, the use will be more assured.


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