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Monggoq Pet Canine Heartworm CHW Auxiliary Diagnostic Testing Kit for Dogs (Pack of 10)

Monggoq Pet Canine Heartworm CHW Auxiliary Diagnostic Testing Kit for Dogs (Pack of 10)

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Product Details:

  • Quick & Accurate Result:With results in 5-10 minutes. Clean and hygienic.
  • Test of Animal’s Heartworms:Heartworms antigen test for animals.
  • Simple Operation:According to the contents of the manual, 4 steps can cover the whole process.
  • Individually Package:Easy to use at home, no requirements on environment.
  • Auxiliary Diagnostic:Used as a auxiliary tool for clinical detection of animals Heartworm.


Dogs are human's faithful friends and our family member. Caring for the health of dogs is also our responsibility.
Household pet reagent is easy to operate and fast to detect and it is helpful for preventing pet hidden diseases in advance.

Detection principle:

The Rapid CHW Ag Test Kit is one-step diagnostic reagent based on the immunochromatographic assay of the CHW antigen in whole blood, serum and plasma of dogs. A specific antibody to CHW is conjugated with gold particles and another is immobilized on the nitrocellulose membrane. If CHW antigen is present in the specimen, the antibody- gold conjugates will bind to it forming antibody- antigen complex. As the mixture flows along the membrane, the complex is captured on the test line (T) of the membrane, producing a visible read band. Another gold-conjugated reagent is captured by the antibody immobilized on the control line (C) of the membrane. Otherwise, the T line does not develop color. The control line (C) develops color regardless of the presence of CHW antigen.

MonggoQ, from the moment it was born, stands with every furry baby, pays attention to the life and health of every life, and protects every member of every family.

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