What are the Top 5 Dog Health Problems?
sara JK

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  1. ArthritisSometimes, the dogs may develop canine arthritis which is the inflammation of the joints and is really common in dogs.

2. Dental IssuesStink in the breath, bleeding gums, loose teeth, and plaque buildup might be some common issues in dogs. To keep your pets in good health, take them to a dog dentist.

3. ObesityAn unbalanced diet, inactivity, and many underlying factors contribute to fat buildup among little pups. It might shrink the lifespan of your pet dog. Discuss the nutrition plan at each life stage with your vet.

4. AllergiesSecretion of proteins in pets ends up in their dander, saliva, and urine. Pet dander remains airborne and can last for more than usual. Pet allergy includes the sneezing or runny nose that can be misled with the cold or flu. If it persists your pet may have an allergy which needs vet care.

5. Benign TumorsThere lies a fat composition beneath the dense and soft hair of your pet dog. Although these tumors aren’t invasive but grow with time that can be easily pulled out with safe surgical procedures. Be observant when you cuddle your pet so that in case you find anything different, you can discuss with the vet at the earliest.Be a companion your little pup needs for a lifetime and take responsibilities to keep them healthy and fit. Give the care that your furry friend deserves!