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Q: What is the difference between Smilecare fertility monitor and commercially available ovulation test strips?
1. Smilecare fertility monitor is combined with ovulation test strips for comprehensive analysis. Through the instrument reading, it is more accurate than the naked eye reading and monitoring. There is no need to observe the results in real time, the device will automatically store the data and can be viewed at any time.
2. Smilecare fertility monitor actually monitors your LH levels during your cycle and generate a curve of your hormonal changes, helping you to better and faster track your fertility window and ovulation days for optimal timing of conception.

Q: Who is suitable to use Smilecare fertility monitor?
1. Women of childbearing age: monitoring of ovulation days, early pregnancy screening;
2. Women with regular periods;
3. IVF/IUI: monitor when you ovulate and your full fertile window, but if there is a drug intervention it may affect ovulation and the fertile cycle.

Q: I am preparing for pregnancy, can Smilecare fertility monitor help me?
A: Prepared couples often get pregnant at the wrong time simply because they don't know when they are most fertile. Researchers have found that only 55% of women can accurately estimate when they ovulate. Smilecare fertility monitor tracks key fertility hormone concentrations to provide you with personalized insight into your cycle and maximize your chances of getting pregnant.

Q: There are two reagent strips labeled Code Card in the reagent package, what are their functions?
A: The Code Card stores information about the test card and is inserted before the first use of each batch. The purple color is the LH code card and the white color is the HCG code card.



Q: When should I start using ovulation test strips & early pregnancy test strips?
LH: For those with regular periods, ovulation tests are performed at the same time each day starting on the 8th day of the regular vacation until a positive test is detected. After a positive test, test every 4 to 6 hours until the test paper turns negative. MORNING URINE IS NOT RECOMMENDED.
HCG: Early pregnancy test can be done on the 7th day after ovulation, either every other day or about 3 days after your period, morning urine is recommended.

Q: How do I collect samples?
A: 1. With a urine cup: tear open the aluminum foil pouch, insert the absorbent end of the test paper into the urine cup to collect the sample until the sample runs into the monitoring window, put the end cap back on and the test paper is inserted into the instrument to start the test, and the result will be available in 3~5 minutes.
2. Urine use: tear open the aluminum foil pouch, put the absorbent end of the test paper into the urine below, use the urine drenching method for at least 10S, flatten the test paper to wait for the sample to run to the test window to cover the end cap, insert the test paper into the instrument for testing, 3~5 minutes to get the result.

Q: Why do the two lines on the reagent card appear hollow in color?
A: The test card needs to be placed horizontally on the desktop or inserted directly into the device after sucking the sample, it cannot be placed on the desktop at an angle, otherwise the above situation will occur.

Q: What do the results shown on IQ's device mean?
A: The result will be displayed on the device after the test is completed. The symbol "-" means negative; "+" means positive. Below the result there is a trend graph which is the concentration value calculated for each test for reference, and also the curve of the daily hormone level changes. The highest concentration of hormones is found when the LH test result is positive. When the HCG test result is positive, it means that you are pregnant (early pregnancy), you can take another test every other day and go to the hospital to have blood drawn for final confirmation.



Q: How do I download the APP for fertility testing products?
A: Apple phones can search for " Kmilght " through the mobile application market; Android phones can search for " Smart Nurse " through the application market.

Q:Data synchronization choose to synchronize with the device or keep the app data?
A: It is recommended to choose to synchronize with the device to keep the data of the device and app consistent.



Q: Do I need to clean the inspection slots of IQ's equipment?
A: The end of the test strip you use that has invaded the sample is opposite the end you insert into the device. When you test according to the instructions, urine does not enter the device. Therefore, you do not need to clean the test chute.

Q: How are IQ's devices powered?
A: This device uses two #5 alkaline batteries (included in the package), and can also be used with USB power supply.

Q: What are the dimensions and weight of the device?
A: Size: 4.53 *3 *1.5in, Weight: 5oz (without battery).

Q: Can I bring my IQ equipment with me when I travel?
A: Designed for your portable use, the hard case will protect your device from bumps and crushes while traveling. When flying somewhere, remember to put your product in your hand luggage as the extremely low temperatures in the airplane cabin may damage your device.

Q: Are IQ's devices waterproof?
A: The device is not waterproof, please be careful not to fall in the water during use, it will damage the device.