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Monggoq Pet Ocular & Nasal Secretions CDV Testing Kit(10-Packed)for Dogs

Monggoq Pet Ocular & Nasal Secretions CDV Testing Kit(10-Packed)for Dogs

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  • Test Canine Distemper for your dogs at home.
  • Used for Canine Distemper Virus CDV antigen test for dogs.
  • Simple to operate, just 4 easy steps to finish the whole process.
  • Non-invasive, in vitro screen the virus, diagnosis auxiliary tools for dog CDV infection disease.
  • Reliable and highly accurate with results in 5-10 minutes.

This product can quickly and qualitatively detect the CDV antigen in ocular and nasal secretions, and is used for CDV infection screening and auxiliary diagnosis.

Dogs are human's faithful friends and our family member. Caring for the health of dogs is also our responsibility.
Household pet reagent is easy to operate and fast to detect and it is helpful for preventing pet hidden diseases in advance.

MonggQ, from the moment it was born, stands with every furry baby, pays attention to the life and health of every life, and protects every member of every family.

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