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The Best Adjustable Oxygen Concentrator For Home Healthcare Use of 2023

The Best Adjustable Oxygen Concentrator For Home Healthcare Use of 2023

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Quick Reference Guide

Note: This 110V Version Is Only Suitable For USA Power Standard.


    • Model: KSM-1
    • Oxygen Flow: continuous flow, 1-5L/min adjustable.
    • Oxygen Concentration: 30% (6L/min) - 96% (1L/min) adjustable.
    • Output Pressure: 30-70kPa
    • Sound Level: less than 48dB
    • Rated voltage: AC110V/50Hz, input power is 110W
    • Item Weight: 19.84 lb/15.43 lb
    • Item size: 13.39*7.95*15.35 inch
    • Functions: overload protection, error code indication
    • US Stock
    • Delivery time: 3-5 days


    • Warranty: 3 years
    • Mini size oxygen concentrator with handle and caster design
    • High quality medical level oxygen adopted by USA techology, oil free compressor, improted molecular sieve
    • HD high LED screen with time setting and keeping:  super clear to read and easy to use
    • Integrated cleaning-free filter function:  pure oxygen and convenience
    • External humidifier bottle design to ensure better medical level oxygen
    • Distinctive heat radiation design of air duct  for longer service life
    • Voice broadcast to ensure convenient and easy for each person
    • 1-5 L/min super large flow to meet different needs whether at home or outside

    About the functions of humidifier and nebulizer
    The humidifier you see is a humidification bottle which works by adding a certain amount of pure water to wet and moisten the dry oxygen to prevent uncomfortable reactions such as chest tightness and shortness of breath in patients. No additional accessories are required to operate it.
    The cannula hose port is the oxygen dispenser outlet and the silver button is the nebuliser port. In this model, we have added the function of a nebuliser, but the oxygen production function and the nebuliser function cannot be used at the same time.

    Don't Let Heavy Oxygen Tanks Keep You Homebound

    You have a choice. Get rid of those unreliable, big, bulky Oxygen Tanks.

    With a oxygen concentrator you will have the security to know that you will have oxygen anywhere and anyplace that you go!

    Today's home oxygen concentrators are smaller, quieter, more elegant, more feature rich, and more economical than ever. 

    Stationary & Home Oxygen Concentrators

    Portable Oxygen Concentrator for Outdoor Travel Sports 

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    we hope that people can no longer be troubled and tortured by respiratory diseases, especially COPD.
    Happiness lies first of all in health.
    We hope to bring more laughter to you by protecting your health!

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