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Caring for Baby's Respiratory Health

by len king on Apr 03, 2023

Caring for Baby's Respiratory Health
During the winter and spring seasons, many babies have a high incidence of upper respiratory illnesses. Some babies and toddlers even have upper respiratory tract infections and coughs that recur frequently and don't get better, which can make many parents anxious.

Why is it easy for children to cough during the change of season? Many parents think that they are eating the wrong things. In fact, the immune system of infants and young children is not yet fully developed, so if they come into contact with disease-causing bacteria and viruses in their daily lives, they can easily be infected and respiratory diseases can be triggered. Secondly, dry indoor climate, sudden changes in temperature during the season, and poor indoor ventilation are the main culprits of respiratory infections in infants and young children.

Obviously, poor air quality is likely to greatly affect the respiratory health of children. So, what can you do to relieve your child's coughing problem? A safe, healthy and comfortable air environment can effectively relieve the symptoms of coughing. Current ordinary air conditioners are far from being able to meet the standards of quality air, and the new generation of air environment machines can meet the needs of infants and children for safe and healthy air. The air environment machine from the air temperature, humidity, oxygen content, cleanliness, freshness multi-dimensional control, to create a safe and comfortable air environment for infants and children to meet the standards, so that infants and children can breathe healthily.

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