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Household oxygen generators are subdivided into 8 applicable groups

by kinglen on May 23, 2021

Household oxygen generators are subdivided into 8 applicable groups

Household oxygen generators are subdivided into 8 applicable groups

Many friends have bought home oxygen concentrators that are suitable for them in the hospital, but there are still a small number of people who do not understand the specific applicable symptoms and populations of the oxygen concentrators, and still do not understand its auxiliary treatment effects for some diseases. Let's divide it into eight points and give you a detailed introduction. Household oxygen generators are subdivided into 8 applicable groups

1. Respiratory system disease Bronchitis, bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, pneumonia, pneumoconiosis, silicosis, etc.

2. The elderly Arteriosclerosis, senile dementia, insomnia, dizziness, senile syndrome, etc.

3. Pregnant women Proper oxygen inhalation by pregnant women during pregnancy can enable mothers and babies to obtain sufficient oxygen, enable better fetal development, prevent premature delivery, and avoid intrauterine fetal death due to hypoxia.

4. Women's Beauty To a certain extent, oxygen can promote blood circulation and cell metabolism, accelerate the excretion of skin toxins and wastes, replenish moisture, enhance skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, nourish the skin and resist aging.

5. Cardiovascular disease Coronary heart disease, hypertension, heart failure, heart disease, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral hypoxia, migraine, dizziness, etc.

6. Business people Relieve brain fatigue, enhance sleep, enhance immunity, and avoid sub-health.

7. Students The oxygen consumption of the brain accounts for a quarter of the oxygen consumption of the whole body. Under the stress of learning, students are prone to mental fatigue and slow thinking, which affects intelligence and memory. Oxygen inhalation can help improve the above symptoms.

8. Altitude sickness and car owners High altitude emphysema, cerebral edema, and heart disease are caused by altitude hypoxia. The car owner can relieve fatigue and regulate the balance of qi and blood. The above content is for your reference only. Life is inseparable from oxygen, and the health function of oxygen inhalation has been proven by more and more scientific researches. Here is a reminder: Please insist on reasonable oxygen inhalation and use the oxygen generator correctly.

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