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Intelligent Oximeter - Guarding Your Family Health!

by len king on Jan 09, 2023

pulse oximeter

What is Oximeter?

An oximeter is an instrument that can detect the oxygen saturation of human blood and the pulse rate value through infrared technology, usually measured by clamping it on the finger.
Blood oxygen saturation is one of the important basic data in clinical medicine, and is called the six vital signs along with body temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure and pain.

How to Read Oxygen Saturation

The volume of oxygenated hemoglobin bound by oxygen in the blood as a percentage of the total available bound hemoglobin volume, i.e. the concentration of blood oxygen in the blood.
  • Oxygen saturation of ≥95% is normal
  • Oxygen saturation between 80% and 95% is considered mild hypoxia and requires reduced activity and rest. If there are uncomfortable symptoms, consult a doctor and take anti-hypoxic drugs.
  • Oxygen saturation between 70% and 80% is considered moderate hypoxia, requiring moderate oxygen intake, timely consultation and anti-hypoxic medication.
  • Oxygen saturation <70% is severe hypoxia, stop all activities, and seek medical advice in time to avoid delaying the condition.

The Working Principle of Pulse Oximeter Fingertip

Oxygenated hemoglobin and reduced hemoglobin in the blood's red blood cells have different absorption capacity for red light and infrared light. Oxygenated hemoglobin absorbs less red light and more infrared light; reduced hemoglobin absorbs more red light and less infrared light.
By setting the red LED and infrared LED light at the same position of the finger clip oximeter, when the light penetrates from one side of the finger to the other side and is received by the photodiode, the corresponding proportion of voltage can be generated.
After the chip algorithm processing, the result is presented on the display and we can read our blood oxygen saturation very intuitively.

Oximeter is Suitable for People

1. People with vascular diseases
Cardiovascular patients with lipid deposition in the vascular cavity and difficulty in oxygen supply have thick blood, coupled with coronary artery sclerosis and narrowing of the vascular cavity, resulting in poor blood supply and difficulty in oxygen supply. Long-term severe oxygen deprivation will occur "heart attack", "brain infarction", without timely oxygen first aid, will be subject to sudden death. Therefore, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients can effectively prevent the occurrence of danger by using blood oxygen to detect blood oxygen level for a long time.
2. People with respiratory system diseases
Difficulty in breathing leads to limited amount of oxygen inhalation. Blood oxygen testing for patients with respiratory system is indeed important, as difficulty in breathing can lead to insufficient oxygen uptake and also blockage of the tiny bronchi, making gas exchange difficult and leading to hypoxia, resulting in different degrees of damage to the heart, lungs, brain and even kidneys. Therefore, the blood oxygen level is detected by oximeter to greatly reduce the respiratory morbidity.
3. Elderly people over 60 years old
The human body relies on blood to transmit oxygen, and with less blood, there is naturally less oxygen. With less oxygen, the body condition naturally declines. Therefore, elderly people should use oximeter to test the blood oxygen level every day, and once the blood oxygen is lower than the alert level, they need to supplement oxygen as soon as possible.
4. Long-term alcoholics
Long-term alcoholics have developed a certain tolerance to alcohol and oxygen deficiency, and are basically unable to notice their lack of oxygen when they are slightly drunk. Therefore, carry an oximeter with you to keep abreast of the physical condition and degree of intoxication of alcoholics to avoid alcoholism.

Smilecare Oximeter Intelligent Solution

In the new era of precision medicine and health intelligence, it is an inevitable trend for traditional products to be intelligent. Smilecare provides customers with oximeter intelligent health management service, which is connected by Bluetooth through a free APP application and gives monitoring conclusions based on the measurement data provided by customers, helping customers to be healthy and intelligent.

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