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The Importance of Respiratory Oxygen Therapy for the Elderly

by len king on Mar 20, 2023

The Importance of Respiratory Oxygen Therapy for the Elderly
What does an oxygen concentrator do? Should the average family be equipped with one? What do I need to pay attention to when configuring?
Experts recommend having an oxygen concentrator for patients with a cardiopulmonary base.
What is an oxygen concentrator? What exactly is the "magic effect"? It is understood that the oxygen machine is also known as small molecular sieve oxygen machine, medical molecular sieve oxygen machine, home molecular sieve oxygen machine, portable oxygen machine, the principle is basically the use of variable pressure adsorption (PressureSwingAdsorption), air as raw material, without any additives; power at room temperature, through the molecular sieve adsorption of ammonia and other gases, can be separated from the air The purity of oxygen is 93%±3%. It is divided into 1L, 3L, 5L and 10L oxygen generators according to the maximum oxygen flow per minute.
People with elderly people or people with basic cardiopulmonary diseases in the family should prepare the oxygen meter, while people with basic cardiopulmonary diseases can prepare the oxygen machine.
If the elderly people at home have respiratory diseases themselves, especially such as slow obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary hypertension, pulmonary heart disease, pulmonary fibrosis, etc., and the doctor has recommended to oxygen therapy, then the family must have an oximeter and an oxygen machine.
In addition, experts remind, oxygen machine in the use, people need to clearly understand the oxygen concentration, the way to give oxygen, the daily oxygen time, the course of treatment, as well as in the rest, activity and sleep oxygen flow, so as to achieve the real scientific use of oxygen.
If you decide to configure an oxygen concentrator, what should you pay attention to when purchasing one?
First, legal compliance. Oxygen concentrator belongs to the second class medical equipment, purchase with the national drug regulatory department issued by the "medical device registration certificate" of oxygen concentrator, sales and management units must have "two types of medical equipment business record card", in order to have sales and service qualifications.
Second, after-sales service. In order to ensure that the oxygen machine and the production and operation unit legal compliance premise, should also consider the dealer's service capacity and after-sales service guarantee system. Many of the users of oxygen concentrators are elderly people, and some are even patients with mobility problems. They may not be familiar with the operation of oxygen concentrators, so they need relatively professional sales service providers for guidance. In addition, the oxygen concentrator needs regular maintenance to ensure that the oxygen concentrator continues to be safe and effective.
Third, oxygen concentrations stability of the oxygen concentrator. The key purpose of using oxygen machine is to absorb oxygen, so when choosing oxygen machine, firstly, examine whether the oxygen concentration (93±3%) is up to standard, and secondly, pay attention to whether the oxygen concentration is stable in long-term operation and whether it can run continuously for a long time. Can not blindly look at the appearance of the function, focus on oxygen concentration stability is the hard standard.

How should the oxygen concentrator be used correctly?
According to the above-mentioned website, firstly, you should correctly master the method of switching on and off the oxygen concentrator, and avoid repeatedly switching on and off the machine for a short period of time, as well as preventing damage to the compressor or capacitor; secondly, follow the medical advice and listen to the guidance of professionals to adjust the oxygen flow, do not adjust the oxygen flow at will; thirdly, it is generally recommended to use π-type nasal oxygen tube or oxygen mask to absorb oxygen, and the nasal oxygen tube or oxygen mask needs to be cleaned and replaced regularly; fourthly. Oxygen concentrators are generally equipped with a wetting cup for wetting oxygen, the cup needs to be cleaned every day, and the pure water or distilled water needs to be added and replaced in a timely manner; fifth, the first filter of the oxygen concentrator needs to be cleaned regularly according to the instructions, and the second filter needs to be replaced in a timely manner; sixth, ventilation must be maintained when using the oxygen concentrator, and the upper and lower parts of the oxygen concentrator are strictly prohibited from being covered; seventh, in the process of use, if the oxygen concentrator issues a safety Seventh, in the process of use, if the oxygen concentrator issues a safety warning, be sure to check the warning message first, to ensure that the user oxygen is safe and effective.

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