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The Working Principle of 1L Oxygen Concentrator

by len king on Nov 07, 2022

The Working Principle of 1L Oxygen Concentrator
1. Working principle

This machine uses air as raw material, based on the selective adsorption of oxygen and nitrogen components in the air by molecular sieves, and adopts the principle of pressure swing adsorption (PSA), that is, the adsorption capacity, adsorption speed and The difference in adsorption force and the adsorption capacity of the adsorbent for oxygen and nitrogen under different pressures are quite different to separate the air to obtain oxygen. When the air is compressed and passes through the adsorption layer of the molecular sieve adsorption tower, nitrogen molecules are preferentially adsorbed, and oxygen molecules remain in the gas phase to make oxygen. When the adsorption reaches equilibrium, the nitrogen molecules adsorbed on the surface of the molecular sieve are removed by decompression or vacuuming, and the adsorption capacity of the molecular sieve is restored, that is, adsorption and desorption. regeneration process.

2. Intended use

Using air as raw material, the molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption process is used to produce oxygen-enriched air with an oxygen concentration ranging from 90% to 96% (V/V), which can provide oxygen therapy or relieve discomfort caused by hypoxia.

3. Structural composition

The oxygen generator consists of a compressor, an adsorption tower, an air storage tank, a flow meter, a humidifier, a reversing valve, a circuit board, a casing, a filter, a disposable nasal oxygen tube, and a medical nebulizer.

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