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SmileCare Bluetooth Rechargeable Oxygen Meter Finger Pulse Oximeter with Free App iOS & Android

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About this item
  • Accurate & Easy to Use: One button operation, built-in infrared sensor will instantly start detection and then the measured SpO2(blood oxygen saturation) and PR(pulse rate) will be displayed on the OLED screen within 5 seconds, measurement results within ± 2% precision. Auto power-off after 9 Seconds without any operation.
  • Warnings for Abnormal Readings Auto Alarm: The value on screen will flash and give auditory alarm when abnormal SpO2 or pulse rate is detected, the oximeter will gives the above alarm to remind you.If you find the alarm annoying, you can turn it off from the app
  • Rechargeable Design to Save Money: Rechargeable lithium battery avoid the trouble of frequent battery replacement. Low-power consumption, charged 2.5 hours one time can be continuously used for 16-18 hours.
  • Lightweight and Portable: SmileCare fingertip pulse-oximeter very light and easy to carry.
  • User Friendly Design with Drop Resistant Design:Upgraded structural design at the joint parts with wide range of finger size,inside soft silicone finger holder and drop-resistant design makes sure a longer usage life and more comfortable experience.
  • Unlimited Data Storage & Sharing: Download our free app for Android / IOS and connect it to your phone via Bluetooth, all history data will be stored permanently for convenience of reading or sharing to your family doctor.
The oximeter is suitable for:
  • The elderly over 60 years old
  • Children over 12 years old
  • People who work more than 12 hours a day
  • Monitoring blood oxygen in outdoor exercise, especially extreme sports
  • Anyone interested in measuring their SpO2 and pulse rate

    Product Description

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    Finger Pulse Oximeter Feature

    • USB Rechargeable: No need to use dry batteries any more to save your money .
    • Free App for IOS&Android:You can record your data on our free App forever and share your health data in excel.
    • High Accuracy:Built-in upgraded infrared sensor, with improved sensitivity, fast and accurate measurement.
    • APP Alarm: You can set a range of SpO2 and PR. If the measured data is out of range, it will alarm you.
    • OLED Display Screen:OLED screen and two-color digital display can clearly display the data even at night, which is very friendly to the elderly.
    • Brightness Adjustable:You can adjust the screen brightness on the app(1-10)
    • Easy Use: Just put your finger in, press the button and wait 9 seconds for the result.
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    • Rechargeable lithium battery avoid the trouble of frequent battery replacement.
    • Low-power Consumption, Charged 5 minutes one time can be continuously used for 2 hours.

    OLED Display

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    OLED Display

    The OLED display can be viewed from any angle, which makws reading convenient and clear. SmileCare Pulse oximeter will automatically shut down after 10 seconds without any operation to save power.

    Lightweight & Portable

    Small size and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and use anywhere.


    Soft silicon pad and special design let you feel comfortable when measuring. Not HARD and TIGHT.

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    Multifunction Oxygen Saturation Monitor

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    • 3 in 1 Multifunction blood oxygen monitor,measure your spo2, PR and PI date in 9 seconds, and synchronize to the app to display the records, helping you to monitor your health at all times.

    Device Settings

    • Turn on/off beep, auto direction, sound reminder, auto power on, App alarm, etc.
    • Set SpO2 and PR range on our free App for Android & IOS.

    Record & Analyze & Share Health Data

    • Analyze health data: Click your avatar and choose "health data", you can see all record overtime.
    • Share health data: e: All data will automatically generate a line chart, allowing you to clearly and intuitively feel the trend of data changes. Choose "health date" and see the detail, you can click the "share" to send your health data to your doctor in excel.

    Smilecare is committed to the cause of family health care.
    We hope that people can no longer be troubled and tortured by chronic disease, especially Hyperlipidemia.
    Happiness lies first of all in health.
    We hope to bring more laughter to you by protecting your health!

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