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5 Benefits of Exercise

by len king on Feb 07, 2023

5 Benefits of Exercise

Lower risk of heart disease
Exercise strengthens the heart and improves circulation. Increased blood flow increases oxygen levels in the body. It helps reduce the risk of heart disease like high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, and heart disease. Regular exercise can also lower blood pressure and triglyceride levels.

May improve skin health
Moderate exercise provides antioxidant protection and boosts blood flow, which protects your skin and delays the signs of aging.

Strong Bones and Muscles
Children and teens who exercise regularly have stronger bones. Exercise can delay age-related loss of bone density. Exercise also increases muscle mass and strength.

improve mood
Hitting the gym or going for a brisk walk can boost your mood. Physical activity stimulates different chemicals in the brain, making you feel happier, more relaxed, and less stressed. Regular exercise can help you feel better about your appearance, which can boost your confidence and self-esteem.

lower cancer risk
DNA damage is considered the first step in the aging process that accompanies the development of cancer and many other chronic diseases. Regular exercise, especially aerobic exercise, may help reduce DNA damage due to increased antioxidant and DNA repair capacity.

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