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Can't Sleep During The Day, Can't Sleep At Night, The Problem May Be Here ......

by len king on Apr 17, 2023

Can't Sleep During The Day, Can't Sleep At Night, The Problem May Be Here ......

About one third of a person's life is spent in sleep, which is one of the essential activities of the human body and plays a very important role in both physical health and mental health.
Many people feel that they are sleepy during the day and can not sleep at night with anxiety, why is this?
Insomnia case:
A serious insomnia to the doctor confided: "every morning after waking up, feeling drowsy, the whole body aches, feel not enough sleep, work can not play the spirit, often sleepy during the day, dozing. It is also difficult to fall asleep every night, and I don't feel snoring, but my family says I 'snore like thunder' and will stop suddenly, as if I am not breathing."
After admission, doctors monitored his sleep throughout the night, and the results showed that the patient had 425 apneas in one night (about 7 hours), with the longest one reaching 69 seconds! It is typical of sleep apnea syndrome (OSA for short).
Multiple, prolonged apneas cause the patient's whole body to be deprived of oxygen and he is easily awakened during deep sleep, thus making it difficult to enter deep sleep and disrupting sleep quality. It is no wonder that patients feel sleepless during the day and can't sleep at night!
Therefore, if you find that the person next to your pillow is snoring at night accompanied by brief pauses in breathing, daytime sleepiness, memory loss and other symptoms, this may be sleep apnea syndrome (OSA for short). Be sure to go to the hospital early for polysomnography monitoring and timely treatment!


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