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Introduction to Home Medical Devices---Nebulizer

by len king on Apr 26, 2023

Introduction to Home Medical Devices---Nebulizer

With the rapid development of modern society, more and more medical devices are familiar to everyone, thermometer, blood pressure meter, sleep ventilator, oximeter and other home medical equipment has entered thousands of households, then about the nebulizer, how much do we know about it, let us get to know the home medical equipment of medical nebulizer.

  A. Product introduction
  The role of the medical nebulizer is to nebulize the liquid drug and deliver it to the respiratory tract for the patient to inhale for treatment. The respiratory system is an open system, the drug solution after being nebulized into particles, the patient inhaled these drug mist, the drug mist can be directly adsorbed in the patient's mouth, throat, trachea, bronchi, alveoli, etc., through its mucous membrane absorption and achieve the purpose of treatment.

Medical compression nebulizer is applied to the principle of the Venturi effect, generally through the gas compressor generated by the compressed gas as the driving source to produce and transmit the aerosol, its working principle is shown in the following diagram. Medical compressed nebulizer mainly consists of the host, air delivery tube, nebulization device, suction nozzle or inhalation mask, where the host is mainly composed of compression pump, filtration components and control system.

  Medical compression nebulizer applies the principle of Venturi effect, generally through the gas compressor generated by the compressed gas as the driving source to generate and transmit the aerosol.
The compressed air generated by the compressor is ejected from the nozzle and sucked upwards by the negative pressure between the nozzle and the suction tube. The sucked up liquid hits the upper partition and becomes a very fine mist and is sprayed out to the outside.

Second, product-related characteristics

  The product indicators of the nebulizer are gas flow rate, pressure range, spray rate, residual liquid volume, overall noise, equivalent volume particle size distribution, etc. Among them, the most important performance indicators are the following three points:
  (1) gas flow: refers to the compressor compressed air gas flow size, generally in kPa, mmHg as the unit. The value of the high and low determines the size of the power of the atomizer fog, gas flow is not large enough atomizer, may cause insufficient power, the phenomenon of insufficient fog, affecting the spraying effect.
  (2) Spray rate: refers to the amount of fog per minute nebulizer, generally in mL/min, the size of the spray rate determines the speed of the nebulizer spray, the spray rate is too low may lead to low fog, affecting the therapeutic effect.
  (3) Equivalent volume particle size distribution: the diameter of the spherical particles of the same substance with the same volume as the actual particles is called the equivalent volume particle size. The size and distribution of the particle diameter of the nebulized drug affect the therapeutic effect of the drug. The smaller the particle diameter, the more delicate the spray, and the more particles distributed below <5um represent the better distribution.

Third, the correct use of the product
  1. Check the instruction manual in detail
  Instructions generally include the product name, specifications, product performance, the main structural components or ingredients, scope of application, the name of the registrant or recorder, residence, contact information and after-sales service units, the name of the manufacturer, residence, production address, contact information and production license number, medical device registration certificate number, technical requirements number. Among them, the medical device registration certificate number is the unique identification of the product, if the registered product can not be found on the official website of the State Drug Administration, it may be a counterfeit or shoddy product, be wary of using.
  The description of the product should include the minimum atomization volume and atomization rate, the recommended gas flow rate, pressure range, the product's recommended use of power, atomized particles equivalent volume particle size distribution map and other information. It is necessary to confirm and check the parameters one by one before normal use.

  2. Nebulizer operation procedure
  First of all, you should disassemble the sterilized packaged nebulizer cup and inhalation appliance for single use and check whether the filter is installed or there is dirt, connect the power supply, add the drug in the nebulizer cup, and then assemble the mouthpiece or mask, then turn on the machine and perform nebulization inhalation.
  During use, please do not block the filter cap and do not bend the catheter, otherwise the nebulization will be small or cannot be nebulized properly. Before the first use, you should consult with your physician about the duration of use of this type of product and the frequency of drug dosage use. When used by children or the unsound, a guardian is required to accompany them, and if any abnormality is found, use should be stopped immediately.

IV. Precautions for product use
  1. Should be purchased and used under the guidance of a doctor.
  2. Medical advice should be followed to consider the applicability of drug nebulization use.
  3. Each user should use a separate set of nebulizing accessories to avoid cross-infection.
  4. The first time the sterilized package is opened and used without cleaning and disinfection; for non-first time use, the nebulizer cup and inhalation appliance should be cleaned and disinfected before use.
  5. If the filter is dirty or blocked, it should be replaced in time.
  6. The power must be unplugged after use to prevent the nebulizer from working for a long time to cause safety hazards.

  The content of this introduction is a science class knowledge, for reference only, the actual use of the process should be subject to the product manual.

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