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Let Konsung Health Butler Tell You What Oxygen Therapy Is

by kinglen on Aug 23, 2021

Let Konsung Health Butler Tell You What Oxygen Therapy Is

Many people have heard of the term "oxygen therapy" for the first time through COVID-19. Before the outbreak of COVID-19, "oxygen therapy" was already one of the important adjuvant treatments for respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

Can oxygen therapy be used to treat new pneumonia?

Do we need to go to the hospital for oxygen therapy?

Do we need oxygen therapy only when we are sick?

Will long-term oxygen therapy make us addicted?

In the “Diagnosis and Treatment Plan for Pneumonia Caused by Novel Coronavirus Infection (Trial Version 6)” issued by the National Health Commission of the PRC on February 19, 2020, Article 8 mentions the relevant content of respiratory support:

  1. Oxygen therapy: Severe patients should receive oxygen inhalation with nasal cannula or mask, and promptly assess whether respiratory distress and (or) hypoxemia is relieved.
  2. High-flow nasal catheter oxygen therapy or non-invasive mechanical ventilation: When the patient's respiratory distress and/or hypoxemia cannot be relieved after receiving standard oxygen therapy, high-flow nasal catheter oxygen therapy or non-invasive ventilation can be considered. It is emphasized that "if the condition does not improve or even worsens within a short period of time (1-2 hours), tracheal intubation and invasive mechanical ventilation should be performed in time."
  3. Invasive mechanical ventilation: adopt lung protective ventilation strategy, namely small tidal volume (4-8ml/kg ideal body weight) and low inspiratory pressure (platform pressure <30cmH2O) for mechanical ventilation to reduce ventilator-related lung injury.

This also answers the positive effect of oxygen therapy on the treatment of COVID-19.

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