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What kind of people are suitable for oxygen concentrators?

by kinglen on Aug 01, 2021

What kind of people are suitable for oxygen concentrators?

The oxygen generator is suitable for people with oxygen therapy and oxygen health care.

Respiratory diseases: pneumonia, bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, viral respiratory infections, asthma, emphysema, pulmonary gas disease, etc. The oxygen flow in the early stage of such people should be controlled between 1 and 3. Make sure to use oxygen for 8-10 hours a day. For example, Smilecare (KonSung) KSM-1, KSM-5T, etc.

Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases: hypertension, heart disease, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral ischemia, cerebral vertigo, atherosclerosis, etc. Such people are recommended to use 5L/10L oxygen concentrators, such as Smilecare (KonSung) KSOC-5, KSOC-10, etc.

High altitude hypoxia: high altitude pulmonary edema, acute and chronic altitude sickness, altitude coma, altitude hypoxia, etc.

People who are susceptible to hypoxia: middle-aged and elderly people, pregnant women, students who have been engaged in mental work for a long time, company employees, office cadres, people who have been engaged in underground or confined space operations for a long time, and people who are overworked and exhausted with insufficient oxygen supply and aerobic health care. All molecular sieve oxygen generators for this kind of people are applicable.


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